Growing solutions by ordsall cafe community radio


Download:  download file here

Spaces for growing are needed but they are there!  – A recording made at the Ordsall Community Cafe, a one off recording that might turn into something more regular.


Mike and Christian on SCR

Mike and Christian are moving their Salford City Radio show from Wednesday lunch to Sunday tea.

But this is 28th Jan and that’s the last show at the old time, (with commercial music removed).

Listen and enjoy.

April Fool’s day

Gosh darn it, I shouldn’t have let that grass grow under my feet (see above).

Days have passed and I still haven’t let you know what’s going on.

Well, the good news is that the first of our podcasts is ready.

It’s up and running and accessible at the link below.

Click here

Thanks for waiting and watch out for more developments.