LIDS Archive

Salford LIDS has been involved with a whole bunch of community projects over the years.

One of the first was helping to get Salford Community Network off the ground. This started back in 2002, and despite our best efforts, the whole scheme seems to have hit the buffers, not least because the best people were thrown off the train, the aims and original objectives were abandoned, and the City Council connived to make sure the community-led side of things firmly jumped the track and came off the rails.

Significantly, when the bad boys tried to sieze control in 2004, one of the first things they did was take the original website off-line. That meant that the published aims of the project were no longer open to public scrutiny. It also meant that there was no space for supporters (or even critics) to air their views on new developments.

LIDS responded, they had to. The first attempt to redress the balance was a campaign by members to get back online. Knowing no better they turned to Freewebs (sorry, WordPress) and if you try and load that address in your browser, you can find the new website by adding a slash and the name ‘SalfordCommunityNet’ (all one word). To make it easy for you – we’ll try and add the whole address to the blogroll on the left.

It’s worth a visit, if only for the flavour of what might have been. Residents of Salford, that once proud city, were able to make things happen, have their voices heard, and respond to the increasingly manic schemes and obviously flawed visions of the men in suits at Civic Centre, University and Primary Care Trust.

LIDS people

This is as good a place to start as any.

LIDS includes a good cross-section of people in Salford, many of whom are new to the arena of blogging and websites. However, they are all experienced in working in the community, teaching and development work.

They are a small but dedicated band of people who hope to see change in the area, and welcome recent regeneration initiatives while remaining sceptical about who is in charge.

At the moment, the big news is that the BBC has decided to build new premises in the Manchester area, and has chosen Salford Quays as their favoured site. Salford Quays, as in Salford. Strangely, not Manchester at all, except that it’s on the same river and in the same general direction.

Salford LIDS is hoping that the BBC can bring jobs and investment to Salford.

Salford, down by the river

Bombed buildings


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